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On Tuesday, Minnesota will vote on whether an amendment should be added to the constitution defining marriage as only being between and man and a woman. This amendment would potentially prevent the state legislature or an activist judge from allowing same-sex marriage in this state.

Obviously this is a very contentious issue and the ads on TV for both sides are really pouring it on. The “Vote NO” side is saying that allowing gays to marry is basically a biblical value, that we should treat gays as we would want to be treated ourselves. Other ads say that love is bigger than government and who are we to say that homosexuals cannot marry each other.

Well, who are we to say that they can’t? We aren’t the ones saying it. You see, man didn’t create the marriage relationship…God did. It is the foundation on which He created society, one family at a time.

Now, man in his sinful nature has done his best to destroy marriage, including Christians. But marriage between one man and one woman is God’s idea and His ideal.

No one has the right to redefine it. It isn’t our institution to redefine.


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